Human-Machine Intelligence


CapTec aims to improve human decision-making by developing applications in data analytics and automation. We are committed to rigid scientific processes and believe in technology built by an interplay of human understanding and machine intelligence.

CapTec Asset Management Solutions

Asset management is in our company DNA. We develop customized trading systems, portfolio simulation and risk management tools as well as management and customer dashboards. Thereby, we work as a full service provider and cover all backend and frontend requirements. Also, we help asset managers to automate or simplify their core processes, from customer onboarding to reporting and fee calculation.

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CapTec Advisory & Analytics

Beyond our asset management solutions, we are also active in advising companies in areas such as financial modeling, fundraising, and data management. This entails the matching of potential investors with specific investment opportunities such as real estate or private equity, as well as the development of customized applications in data science and analytics. In data analytics, our approach will usually start with an initial sprint in order generate tangible results in time (2-3 weeks), and can then lead to one-off management decisions as well as to targeted software development.

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CapTec Margin Funding: Fixed Income 2.0

Modern crypto exchanges offer an opportunity for external capital providers to fund margin accounts on their platforms. The funding itself can work in EUR or USD to avoid any crypto-related volatility. We have developed a software that automates and optimizes this process in order to generate a constant, market-neutral source of return: Lendary

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We are team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and seasoned investment professionals who believe in the power of technology as a means of creating value. Thereby, CapTec combines rigorous scientific thinking with deep insights into financial markets and investing. We started CapTec in 2015 with the aim to apply those concepts on behalf of our ourselves and our clients.

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We are always looking for the brightest and most dedicated people across various backgrounds. If you have a scientific mindset and believe in the superiority of reason over authority, please have a look at our job postings and feel free to get in touch.

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